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Nerve Decompression Surgery

Nerve decompression surgery is any operation to alleviate pressure on a nerve. Some nerves are more prone to compression than others. The aim of surgery is to remove whatever is pressing on the nerve and/or open any narrow spaces giving the nerve more room.

Nerve decompression surgery has two subtypes: spinal and peripheral. Spinal decompression surgery is in response to compression of nerve roots in the spine, such as herniated discs and spinal stenosis. Peripheral nerve decompression is for conditions that begin somewhere other than the spine, seen in carpal and cubital tunnel Syndrome.

Some common causes:


Are you a candidate?


Candidates for nerve decompression surgery are generally those who have tried more conservative methods—such as anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy—without success.

During your consultation you can discuss surgery options with Dr Ignatiuk as they will vary greatly depending on your area of concern.

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